I Praise Your Name, Jesus
Copyright 2008 * Dr. Pat Boone * All Rights Reserved

There are two versions of I Praise Your Name, Jesus on this CD, plus on Track 4 you have the lyrics.

Track 2 is the Contemporary Rock version, and Track 3 is the Cool Jazz version.  After the soft, slow beginning on Track 3, you're in for a nice surprise—the jazz swings differently after the first verse.

Both versions are recorded in a “live” format, to help you imagine I Praise Your Name, Jesus in your setting with audience participation.  These aren't the only two ways that this song can be performed and included with your praise and worship....I'm giving you ideas to stimulate your creativity.  As always, this song can also< be sung in a traditional manner.

It was May 27, 2005, that I began to sing these lyrics to music.  I recorded what I was singing on a hand-held tape recorder, and, as the years went by, I continued to add the lyrics.

With the help of Rick Greene at North Star Studios in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we produced a Rock Contemporary version, with Joel Burns on the drums and Rick playing the other instruments.  For the Cool Jazz version, Jerry Teske was on the piano, and Rick Greene played the remaining instruments.

I hope that I Praise Your Name, Jesus will be a blessing to you, your friends, family, and congregation, and that this praise and worship song will continue to enable you to praise our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God bless you all,


Dr. Pat Boone